My feeble attempt at a
  • Circles
  • Just an idea I had. A pyschology experiment and how different people would answer. I can think of many more, but my sad graphics skills don't allow me to make more. If you have an idea for one, and I find it humorous, I'll put it up here, and give due credit. Mail me here 
  • Horoscopes
  • Some people believe firmly in Astrology. I believe firmly in poking fun at it :D
  • Don't click here
  • You have been warned, don't look at this!!
  • A homemade earthquake maker
  • Make your own earthquake! Just a small thing I wrote up
  • Askdakid
  • Ask me anything, I will give my clever responses to your boring, inane, or clichè questions
  • A psuedo porn site
  • An imitation of a pornsite. This is "G" rated and you are being warned in advance, pages will popup. In fact, the only way to leave this will be to ALT "f3" out. Please though, come back to my website.

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