Want a good reading of next month? Want to know what's going to happen? Are you one of the faithful followers of your daily astrological information? Then this is not for you. But if you are looking for some amusement we might be able to help. Welcome to billydakid.com's version of horoscopes, written and researched by yours truly. Believe these at your own risk

Aries  March 21-April 19   You are the kind of person that refuses to wait, you ram your way through whenever you feel you need to. Watch crossing the street this week, someone you flipped off may want to run you over.
Taurus April 20-May 20     Bullheaded and stubborn, nothing can sway you from your inane opinions,  which you must force on everyone constantly. The co-worker you told off last week is getting a promotion....To being your boss, good luck job hunting
Geminii May 21-June 20    You just can't make up your mind, always thinking two different ways at once. Though one part of you wants to date the cute blonde, the other part can't stay away  that hot brunette. Too bad they are best friends, a change of address, say from Seattle to New York might be advisable
June 21-July 22   A homebody that is always a wallflower at dances and parties, lack of personality is truly your strongest trait. Remember to lock the doors this week, an old "friend" may want to drop in and "visit" otherwise.
July 23-August 22    Your loud mouth constantly keeps your friends and coworkers aware of your presence. There is no relaxing with you around. That bet you made with your "buddies" is about to payoff, in spades! I would watch my back for a while.
Aug 23-Sept 22     You are fussy about your appearance and you think your feces smells like roses. A person you dated in high school that you dumped will show back into your life. They will be rich, successful and carrying a grudge..... towards you!!
Libra Sept 23-Oct 22   You always want things to be fair, down to the point of measuring pie pieces with a ruler so everyone has equal sections. Your best friend just announced her engagement .....to your boyfirend. Remember to smile at the reception.
Oct 23-Nov 21    Getting even is a way of life for you. you still carry a grudge about that kid who took your milk in preschool.  Your hard work and dedication are finally about to pay off. That vacation you wanted is at hand. Too bad it is at Bellevue for an "extended" stay.
Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21   You just can't let anyone else enjoy their small victories, you have to shoot them down. That visit from an old flame stirs up fond memories, and the penicillin the doctor has will take care of the other lasting effects.
Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19   The only thing you think about is your libido and are constantly on the look out for new conquests.Go ahead and get that makeover you were contemplating, it won't help but maybe you'll feel better about the massive amount of cash it took.
 Jan 20-Feb 18   Comedian Adam Sandler is your hero, and you strive to emulate him. The consummate barfly, perhaps getting that 5th DUI this week will give you pause.
Feb19- Mar 20  You don't feel as though you fit in at any gathering, always the fish out of water That party you have planned this week will be a huge success! Everyone will rave about your special guest,  your uncle who was just released from his 25 year jail term and showed up at your house unexpectedly.

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