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Glad you could be here! The concept for this site was originally laid out in 1991 as a BBS.For those not old enough to remember them and those who have never heard of them, BBS's were Bulletin Board Services, and acted similarly to what message boards do today. I have been BILLYDAKID since 1989 , and may be the very first one. I don't know, but I lay claim to it. But I digress, the BBS I had conceptionalized never came into being, due to lack of funds and time. Since I now have much more of both, I have decided to share it with you, so sit back, enjoy and come back again. I will update this site on a regular basis and fun new things will be added all the time.
This site founded Sept 30, 1999, rebuilt Mar 20, 2009. Last updated on 20 Mar 2009
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